System of Transfer Canon for Computational Utterance Technical Ensemble Formation V
The Program II Displacement Foldings Void 2 The Program
Contingent Matter Structure of Behaviors Linear Decomposition Radiant Void
RGB Gradient Waveguide Atmosphere The Conditions of the Process
Temporal Object #1 Temporal Object #2 Pulsar Conflux Structural Variance
Amorphouss The Blackest Flux      



Dimension Varies

Directional Speakers, Moving Arm, Audio Interface, DMX, Interface, Computer

Waveguide consists of three objects with directional speakers and moving arms. Each directional speaker throws a beam of white noise. As visitors move about in a space, they are caught in an acoustic cross-fire produced by three directional speakers mounted in the ceiling of the room. As these directional speakers attached to the moving arms continually fire off white noise, they appear to rotate, changing positions. The produced sounds bounce off the surfaces of the space, creating an ever-changing maze of reflections; an acoustic swell of spatial gradients as the listeners wander between ever shifting collimated beams of sounds.

Photos by Michael Pfisterer

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