Formation V The Program II Displacement Foldings
Void 2 The Program Contingent Matter Structure of Behaviors Linear Decomposition
Radiant Void RGB Gradient Waveguide
Atmosphere The Conditions of the Process Temporal Object #1 Temporal Object #2 Pulsar
Conflux Structural Variance Amorphouss The Blackest Flux  

Void 2


Duration Varies

Diffusion Glasses, HMI Lights, Blinder Lights, Multichannel Sound System

Several large film-shooting lights are installed on the stage and are aimed at the audience. These lights produced a very intense artificial daylight. The audiences wear special glasses to diffuse the light and disable the perception of depth and form. The performance links sound and light, starting from silence and darkness to a point of whiteout and intense white noise and then blacking out in silence. During the whiteout, the audience starts to project patterns, that are caused by their neural noises, into the visual void due to lack of incoming visual information such as forms and patterns. Void 2 re-enacts the Ganzfeld experiment. Another process happens with the sound: after cutting out of intensive filtered white noise, one hears the “afterimage” of the sound is filtered out.

Photos by François Volpe

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