Formation V The Program II Displacement Foldings
Void 2 The Program Contingent Matter Structure of Behaviors Linear Decomposition
Radiant Void RGB Gradient Waveguide
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Conflux Structural Variance Amorphouss The Blackest Flux  

Linear Decomposition


Dimension Varies

HMI Lamp, Fog Machine, Filter

In the installation Linear Decomposition, a 30-meter long beam of light is thrown across a dark auditorium up to a large projection screen on the stage. The visitor sees the process of the decomposition of white light into the constituent color spectrum. By walking along the beam of light from the entrance side of the auditorium over to the stage, the visitor observes the process of the projection of light in the scale of an architecture in time. This ephemeral work opposes the conventions of its setup and changes the mode of reception in an auditorium by putting the focus on the process rather than the image on the screen.

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