Technical Ensemble Canon for Cloned Voice after Diana Deutsch Formation V The Program II
Displacement Foldings Void 2 The Program Contingent Matter
Structure of Behaviors Linear Decomposition Radiant Void RGB
Gradient Waveguide Atmosphere The Conditions of the Process Temporal Object #1
Temporal Object #2 Pulsar Conflux Structural Variance Amorphouss
The Blackest Flux        



Dimension Varies

Custom LED Light, Custom Goggles, Multichannel Sound System, Amplifiers, Tactile Transducer, Computer, Audio Interface, DMX Interface

One visitor at a time is escorted by an operator into a dark space and seated on an elevated stool, where the operator hands them custom-made goggles to put on. The stool is high enough for the visitor not to touch or feel the floor. After the operator left, the visitor starts to hear and feel a low rumbling sound coming from all directions. It is followed by vertical lines of light projected on the goggles that slowly start to move counterclockwise. Together with the visual stimuli, the rumbling sound starts to rotate and vibrations from a tactile transducer begin to move the seat. Due to the changes of rotational speed, direction and the synchronizations of the stimuli, all the elements of the installation oscillate in and out of sync. It causes the visitor to lose their sense of direction and spatial orientation and regain it again and again.

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