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The Program II


Dimension Varies

Visual Stimulator, LED, Noise Cancelling Headphones, Tactile Transducer, Amplifier, Audio Interface, DMX Interface, Computer

The Program II involves an isolation chamber, a spatial configuration for two persons in which light and sound from the outside are cut off, as well as custom made equipment particularly designed for this piece. In the isolation chamber, the seated visitors receives visual, auditory and tactile stimuli that interact with each other and affect the visitors' perceptions in highly abstract, unfamiliar ways. The piece provides a set up for experiencing and reflecting on the interaction and interdependence of the different sensory modalities that our perception is based on. By disrupting, suspending or reconfiguring perceptual habits, The Program II’s complex merging of sensory stimuli may reveal instabilities in human perception.

Photos by Cui Weijun and Zhang Congxin

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